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Inside the Kitsu Studio

Oct 22 '12

Took another crack at finishing it in time for the signing hosted by Ringside Collectables at Caroline’s in NYC this past weekend. Fell short in finishing his tattoos and accessories but finished the major pieces I was aiming to get done.

Aside from the figure falling over when it was placed in front of him the real CM Punk was really amused by it and I was beyond thrilled to find out he mentioned how many of the tattoos I managed to get done. He even joked about how I got the bags under his eyes, something I did try to not be detailed on but it killed some of the accuracy. I’m hoping at some point to get another opportunity to show it to him once its actually finished.

Customization Details:
- Started as a 7 inch Munny by Kid Robot.
- Added dowels to the bottom of the feet to even out proportions and give me more space to make boots out of.
- The entire body was sculpted using a mix of sculpey, super sculpey and fimo.
- All skintones and fabric were painted using a mix of acrylic paint.
- All tattoos were freehand painted using airbrush paint.
- Extension hair by Arda-Wigs was used for his hair and flocking was used for his beard and eyebrows.
- A chainmail link was used for his lip ring.
- The ring was made from a mix of scrap woods, fabric and trim.
- The “Best In The World” design was hand painted using airbrush paint.

At the current moment I am somewhere around 100+hours of work on this.

Left to do is finishing his tattoos, cleaning up and thickening some of the flocking and make a microphone and WWE Championship belt.

A larger image and more info can be found on my DeviantART page.

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